Jun 26

Louisiana Annual Sales Tax Holiday Set for August 7-8

The Louisiana Department of Revenue has issued a bulletin explaining the 2015 Annual Sales Tax Holiday that begins 12:01 a.m. on Friday, August 7, and ends midnight on Saturday, August 8, 2015. During this two-day holiday period, an exemption from the 4% state sales tax is provided on the first $2,500 of the purchase price of most individual items of tangible personal property for nonbusiness use. State sales tax is payable on the portion of the purchase price of any individual item in excess of $2,500.

The exemption applies statewide to all consumer purchases of tangible personal property, other than vehicles subject to license and title and meals furnished for consumption on the premises where purchased. Retailers should report exempt sales on Line 24 of the Louisiana State Sales Tax Return (R-1029).

Purchases Not Eligible for Exemption

The state sales tax holiday does not apply to (1) purchases of taxable services (such as hotel occupancy); (2) amusement, recreational, and athletic admissions; (3) repairs to tangible personal property; (4) laundry, cleaning, pressing, and dyeing services; (5) vehicle parking; (6) the furnishing of cold storage space; (7) printing services; (8) telecommunication services; and (9) leases or rentals of tangible personal property.

Special Retail Provisions

The bulletin also provides information on delivery and shipment, rain checks, layaways, returns, exchanges, and refunds, and the cash register reprogramming credit.

Revenue Information Bulletin No. 15-015, Louisiana Department of Revenue, June 24, 2015, ¶202-631